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AcAccuflite Arms, Inc. provides shooters, sportsmen, and hunters worldwide with the best, service-proven products available to meet current and anticipated needs.


   Accuflite Arms, Inc.  develops, tests, and delivers bolt action firearms that meet specific fit and function requirements.  Accuracy guarantees range from five shot ¼ MOA to three shot ¾ MOA, based on preferences such as action, barrel, and caliber. (ABC’s of Accuracy)


   Each component in each firearm is carefully selected,  from those available worldwide in order to meet Accuflite’s performance requirements and guarantee.


   Each firearm is assembled and tested by highly skilled riflesmiths and test engineers to verify compliance with safety, function, fit, finish, and performance requirements.


   Each barreled action is carefully chambered, crowned, and threaded to tight tolerance specifications and is then pillar bedded to a pre-selected sized-to-fit stock. Pillar material  is selected and installed to effectively match the thermal expansion characteristics of mating parts in order to ensure uniform barrel vibration—shot—to—shot. This is a mandatory procedure to produce consistent bullet exit characteristics over a wide range of temperature and load conditions.


   Accuflite Arms, Inc. performs barrel break-in and accuracy tests and provides custom test targets to confirm and document barrel break-in and final accuracy tests.  Barrel break-in procedures are specifically developed and used to ensure long barrel life and performance guarantee.


   Accuflite Arms, Inc. ships custom firearms in locked, service-proven hard cases, with keys mailed in advance to the legal intended recipient, adult signature required.


    Accuflite Arms, Inc. is a licensed importer and exporter of premium firearms and firearm accessories.

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5120 Old William Penn Highway

P. O. Box 484

Export, PA 15632


Phone: 724-733-3666

Fax: 724-733-7033




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